Monday, May 18, 2015

Sewing and maybe new doll

I cut out and worked on a dress yesterday. Need to find some fabric which I misplaced in the unpacking in order to finish the other part to it. Also cutting out two dresses today and am going to work on them today. These are for the new 50's girl that is coming out I believe in August. I have fallen for the Kaye Wiggs dolls and finally one of the ones I like in the skin color I like is up for preorder and my budget might be able to swing it, so I will hopefully get her in November/December and be able to buy more of Magalie's patterns. I absolutely love her patterns. My Little Darling should be coming home hopefully next month and I have a few patterns and ideas for her as well. I have changed my logo font and will be working on my banners and labels until I can order good ones in a bit. The sun is shining, nice breeze and a wonderful day. Hope everyone enjoys their day. :)

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