Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still working on outfits

I am still working on outfits to put up in my Etsy shop. I have a few finished, well, more than a few, and a couple in the process of being finished. I just made an order with Fire Mountain Gems and it has the beads I need to finish one outfit. I still have to figure out what fabrics I will use for anohter outfit, and a third outfit is being stitched and I need to get some buttons for that one. I am hoping to have at least 20 outfits to start out with and different price points, based on the difficulty/time/fabric used while making them. Some were really quick to make, others took quite a bit of time. I will post pics of the beads I ordered. I love Fire Mountain Gems. They are awesome to order from. This will be my 4th order in the last year, and I still want more!! LOL On another doll note, Tonner came out with their new collection today and as soon as I showed my hubby the new Sheldon doll, he said to order it. I also want to order a Patsy doll, but there is no photo for the two that I am interested in, and I really don't like to order things sight unseen. I will however, post pics as soon as I get them. They are only preorders right now. Have a great day!

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