Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Other Doll Obsession

You may not know, but I am not only into American Girl dolls, but I also love Tonner, Silkstone and BJD's. I haven't really done much with the Barbie Silkstone or Tonner dolls lately, but hopefully that will change soon. I have however, been really getting into BJD's. I have had one BJD for a couple of years now, but have really wanted several more. I have finally been able to order 2 more dolls and they should be here around my birthday in November. I have ordered a Fairyland RealPuki Roro and a Littlefee Luna. I can't wait. I have wanted these two dolls since I first set eyes on them about a year ago. I will post pictures of them when they get here, but will post links to the company website so you can see what they look like. Roro Luna Enjoy!

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