Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Gift Plans

Well, since funds are always tight for us, this year my daughter wants an 18" doll. I have a springfield doll that I plan on making a wardrobe for and giving the whole thing to her for Christmas. I am also teaching her how to sew as she is working on some badges for Brownies. (Girl Guides of Canada) She has no idea about this. I will also crochet a few things for her new doll as well.

For hubby, I plan on making him a sewn shirt. He picked out the pattern and the fabric. He always gets something made by me for Christmas and he loves it! It's usually pajamas, but this year he wanted a shirt made of thermal knit fabric with red skulls. :)

And for my son, I plan on making him a pair of flannel pajamas. His first had made item from me!

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