Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Costume Swaps

I had entered two different costume/fall outfit swaps for Halloween this year on two different boards. Now that the outfits have been received and the pictures have been posted, I can post them all here.

First, I made a fairy costume for jchappa on AGPlaythings message board. Please do not mind the picture of my mom, I caught her blinking and turning her head at the same time! She is not drunk!! LOL

Next, I made a gypsy costume for Katie on Afghans message board. This time, I did not take a picture of my mom. She was mortified that I had taken the first one!!

I also received two outfits. The first was from vking on the AGPlaythings board for a gorgeous witch outfit that included a dress, apron, hat, cape, bag and broom. I love it!

And last but not least, I received a gorgeous fall outfit from Amy on Afghans message board. She sent a tiered skirt, short sleeved top and fleece jactket. Julie and I love it!! And of course, my one and only AG Julie is modelling everything!! :)

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